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Volunteer thank you notes

Volunteer thank you letters.  They did so much for so little. How do you find the words to express your thanks? You copy (and adapt) them from here.

Just remember to include a) what they volunteered to do b) how much you appreciated it and c) thank them again.

Dear Ms. Barth,

Thank you so much for your time. The book fair was a huge success, largely due to help like yours. We so appreciate your taking time out of your busy life, and the kids do too.

Have a great weekend. You deserve it!


Dear Ted,

Just wanted to say thanks again for helping out last night. I don't know how I would have done it without you! And as if donating your time wasn't enough, you showed up with wine.

The only problem is that you did such a great job I'll probably end up asking you to help again! Thanks so very much.


Dear Tara,

Whew! Done! I'm sure you're glad the Harvest Festival is over because you really knocked yourself out. From gathering volunteers to getting donations to painting signs, you covered a ton of ground. The PTA thanks you from the bottom of their heart! Great job!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you so much for volunteering at the Soup Kitchen this Thanksgiving. Your support enabled us to cook up quite a feast and serve many thankful people. Not all the tasks were glamorous but everything you did was appreciated, by staff, other volunteers, and diners alike.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.


Dear Uma and Les,

A famous peace activist once said, "Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it." You are obviously both wise and virtuous. Please accept our sincere thanks for volunteering your time and money this Thanksgiving. Your generosity benefited countless others. Your support won't be forgotten.


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