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Thank you note synonyms

Do you feel like a broken record?  Need some alternate thank you note wording?

Below are some phrases you might be overusing, with fresher alternatives. See if some of these thank you note sayings inspire you.

If you want the basics of writing a note, see the How To page.  Or have the Thank You Note Wizard write it for you!

Instead of "Thank you for the", try:

  • I appreciate the
  • I'm thankful for the
  • I'm grateful for the
  • I'm obliged for the
  • I really enjoy the
  • I value the
  • I want to express my gratitude for [the gift]
  • I want to express my appreciation [for the gift]
  • I truly appreciate the
  • I want to acknowledge your generosity

Instead of saying it's "cute", say it's:

  • darling
  • adorable
  • precious
  • charming

Instead of saying it's "pretty", say it's:

  • elegant
  • useful
  • tasteful
  • exquisite
  • gorgeous
  • charming

Instead of saying you "had a nice time", you could say:

  • We really enjoyed ourselves
  • It's always fun to see you
  • We always look forward to spending time with you
  • We had such fun with you

Instead of saying the food was "delicious", how about:

  • tasty
  • scrumptious
  • flawless
  • fabulous
  • divine

Synonyms for "Thanks"

  • appreciation
  • appreciativeness
  • gratefulness
  • gratitude
  • thankfulness
  • gratification
  • indebtedness
  • satisfaction
  • acknowledgment
  • recognition
  • tribute

Synonyms for "Great"

awesome, bang-up, banner, capital, classic, cool, dandy, divine, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, fine, first-class, first-rate, grand, great, groovy, heavenly, marvelous, neat, nifty, noble, par excellence, prime, sensational, splendid, stellar, sterling, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, terrific, top-notch, unsurpassed, wonderful

Synonyms for "Beautiful"

attractive, comely, cute, gorgeous, handsome, knockout, lovely, pretty, stunning, appealing, charming, delightful, eye-catching, glamorous, elegant, exquisite, splendid, superb, flawless, perfect, dainty, delicate, personable, presentable

Words to Describe Something You DISlike

Useful, unique, unusual, remarkable. 

Alternatively, describe the gift giver instead, using words like thoughtful, considerate, kind, helpful, generous.

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