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Thank You ECards: Websites I recommend for sending thanks online.

You want to send thanks over email but you have a sneaking suspicion email isn't special enough. But let's be honest: You know you're not going to handwrite this thing.

Well don't fret, there is a middle ground. To make an online thanks a little fancier, send an e-card through one of these (free) websites.


Create a free eCard in minutes using your personal photos, videos and music. You will definitely wow your thank-ee with this movie-like thank you, complete with music and your own photos. You can even post your thanks yous to Facebook.

2. Hallmark

They have free eCards or you can subscribe for $1/month and get access to more designs. You can add photos to some of them.

My favorite feature is the ability to create your card and schedule it to send whenever you want. You can spend one productive day and get everyone's birthday cards out on time for the whole year.


Thank You ECards: Websites I recommend for sending thanks online.

Funny (free) pictures you send along with a personalized message.  Lots of occasions such as birthdays, flirting, confession, workplace, etc.


These look just like regular cards, complete with envelope and "stamp".  You can customize the message, the font, the envelope, and in some cases add your own photo.  You can also include a gift card along with it if you want.  Just write your message, customize if you want, and email it, free!

Top Advantages E-Cards Have Over Handwritten

  • You can send them to many people at once.
  • Recipients (Mom, Grandma) can save them to their computers.
  • You can personalize them with photos and music.

When NOT to Send an E-Card

  • Sympathy notes and other emotional situations. E-cards are best for light-hearted occasions such as thanks and birthdays.
  • Professional situations.
  • Whenever you're not sure your recipient will like it. Know your audience.

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