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Thank you for hospitality

Sample thank you letters for a Housewarming Gift or New House Gift

Dear [Neighbor],

Thank you so much for the delicious plate of cookies. It was very thoughtful of you to make them and such a nice surprise to receive them. They're nearly gone already!

We so appreciate the warm welcome. Looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.



Dear Sue, Todd and family,

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by yesterday. As someone who moves a lot, you must know how nice it was to see a friendly face at the door bearing cookies! (Which, by the way, were delicious.) We so appreciate the gesture, and definitely plan to take up the babysitting offer.

Thanks again!

Sample thank you letters for Boat Trip & Dinner

Dear [Names],

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful evening last week. It was a real treat to go out on your boat and see the sights. Dinner was delicious, the weather was perfect, and the company was excellent as well! What a great way to enjoy the end of summer.

Thanks so much!


Sample thank you note wording for Lunch

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for treating me to a fabulous lunch at Piatti's. I had no idea that you had plans to treat me, and was so surprised and delighted by your offer.

I'm thrilled that everything worked out well with your husband's job, and happy I could help a little. I am so grateful for your friendship. What would we have done without each other these past four years?

Your Friend,

Sample thank you note wording for Brunch

Dear Cindy and Tony,

What a fantastic brunch! Everything was so elegant. I’ve never tasted such delicious eggs and I’ve got to have your coffee cake recipe. We ate way more than we should have but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Aside from the delicious meal, it was such fun catching up with everyone. Thank you so much for the wonderful day.

Your Friends,


Dear Dawn and Ned,

Thank you so much for inviting us for brunch. The food was amazing and your tables were beautifully set for both us and the kids. It is always so nice to visit with you-- we never fail to have a great time. And it's so wonderful how nicely all of the kids play together.

I'm glad that we're neighbors and friends and look forward to many more fun times together.

Thanks again for a lovely morning,

Thank you for Delivered Dinner

Dear [Mom's name],

I'm almost too full to write but I had to let you know how much we appreciated all the Meals-on-Wheels you cooked and arranged. A new baby is always an adjustment so you can imagine what triplets have done to our household. Thankfully, we did not have to cook for weeks due to you. I can't tell you what a relief it was to know there was a delicious home-cooked dinner waiting for us every night. And on top of the comfort of knowing the food was there, everything you sent was just fantastic. When I get my wits about me, I will be asking for those recipes.

Thank you again so much!


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