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Graduation Thank You Note Samples

Graduation thank you note samples.

Congratulations graduate! Well done. My gift to you: A collection of free graduation thank you note samples. You're welcome!

The first few thank you note samples are geared toward college graduation, and the last ones are more high school-related.

Graduation Thank You Note Samples

Dear Mom and Dad,

It feels a little formal to write you a thank you note, but I wanted to officially thank you for funding my college degree. I know it wasn't always easy but I always appreciated it. Thanks to you both, I am ready to join the workforce, educated and prepared. I am excited!

I also have to admit I had a blast getting my degree. I learned so much, saw lots of new things, made lifelong friends, and had a ton of fun. I know I have you to thank for all that as well.

Thank you for everything. I hope I can do it for my kids one day. I love you!



Dear Aunt Freida and Uncle Ted,

Thank you so much for the generous graduation gift. It will be well-used on my trip to Europe this summer. I was going to bring along my old backpack but now I'll be able to get a new one with all the bells and whistles. I can't wait to pick it out.

It was so thoughtful of you to remember me on my special day. Thanks again!

Graduation thank you note samples -- What to write in those graduation thank you note samples

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Former,

What a wonderful surprise I got in the mail today! You really shouldn't have! But let me tell you, that graduation gift will go far. I already have it earmarked for all kinds of good things. Thank you so much!



Dear Phyllis and Hank,

I just wanted to thank you both again for coming to my graduation ceremony. It was great to have such a loud cheering section! Phyllis, I know I heard you for sure!

Thank you also of course for the generous gift. I can certainly use that money right now. I truly appreciate it! You are too kind! :)

Best wishes to Jack and Jill.


Dear Gina and Phil,

I have to thank you again for coming to my graduation ceremony. I know it was a long trip and the parking was rough but it really meant a lot to me to have you there.  Thank you also for the beautiful flowers!

With love,


Graduation Thank You for Teacher

Dear Professor / Teacher's Name,

I can't believe I'm graduating. I'm so excited and wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate your help over the years. You were patient, inspirational, and actually made things fun. Thank you so much for everything. I won't forget it!



Dear Grandma,

Wow, that was quite a graduation gift! I don't think I've ever seen a check that big made out to me. Now that I'm so educated, I will be smart and invest it! Well maybe I'll use just a little for some new shoes I've had my eye on.

Thank you also for coming to the ceremony. It meant a lot to me to have you there. You looked beautiful and I hope you had fun.

Thanks so much Grandma! I love you!


Dear Mimi and Tom,

Thank you for coming to my graduation party. It was so nice to see you both. I appreciate the money and plan to put it towards decorations for my dorm room. I'm going to have fun shopping!

Thanks again.


Dear Didi and Nick,

I love the engraved pen set! I know I will use it a lot in college and beyond. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and useful gift. Thanks also for coming to my graduation party. It was fun having you there.


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