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Do you need to write thank you notes after a funeral?

It's certainly not required to thank each person who attended a funeral or sent a sympathy card. 

However, it's appropriate to thank those who sent flowers, other gifts, or helped some tangible way. It's okay to have someone write these notes for the bereaved.

Note to people who sent flowers or other gifts and did NOT receive a thank you note: Please try and remember that those dealing with grief most likely received your kind gesture, appreciated it and were calmed by it. Do not take the small etiquette omission as an insult.

Here are some notes one can send in thanks for flowers, gifts, or attending funeral or memorial services.

Sample Funeral Notes

Dear Charleen,

Your presence at Chad's memorial service was greatly appreciated. It meant a great deal to us to see you there. Thank you.

The Family of ______________


Dear Henry,

Thank you for the baked goods. It was comforting to have some delicious treats nearby. Everyone enjoyed them. We appreciate the thought.

The Family of ______________


Dear Friends/Family,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the thoughtful gifts you sent. The flowers and plants truly brighten the room and lift my mood.

I know Sam would appreciate your kind gestures. He spoke often of his friendships with his many co-workers; I know you all meant a great deal to him. Many of you expressed such beautiful sentiments that I have no trouble seeing why Sam enjoyed his work so much. Being surrounded by people like you was a large part of why Sam liked to go to work each day.

Thank you all so much for your kind words, your generous gifts, and most of all, for your friendship with Sam. Knowing you will miss him too makes my burden a bit easier to bear.

Sincere Regards,


Dear Tina,

Thank you for helping me during this difficult time. Your watching the kids made things much easier for me while I was making arrangements, and for the kids as well.

Thanks also for your generosity in remembering my mother. The flowers are absolutely beautiful.



Dear Dawn and Ray,

Thank you for your sympathy and support. It meant a great deal to us.

The Family of ______________


Dear Eva and Will,

Your kindness and sympathy at this time are more appreciated than any words can ever express.

The Family of ______________


Dear ___________,

It's during a time like this that we learn how much our friends really mean to us. We so appreciate your sympathy and kindness.

Many thanks,
The family of ______________________

More funeral thank you notes to come...

Also see my favorite funeral poems.

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