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Free printable stationery -- recommendations for the best free online sources.

Free Printable Stationery: Where To Get It.

You had your wits about you enough to remember to write that thank you note-- but look who's out of stationery. What to do?

Fire up the browser and look online for something you can get right out of your own printer.

But nothing is ever as easy as it should be, am I wrong? Searching for anything on the Internet can be time-consuming and confusing.

So that you don't have to wade through all the results, I have done it for you. Below is a list of my favorite online sources for free printable stationery. This means they are:

  • Free
  • Better than the clipart your computer already has.
  • Not going to barrage you with a million pop-up ads
  • Not going to ask you to download software or plug-ins
  • Not going to ask you to sign in or join any clubs
  • Easy to use

If you're wondering: When are printables an acceptable alternative to real stationery? I'm counting on you to use your best judgment here. Know your audience. Puppies on cheap binder paper will be fine for the 12-year-old babysitter but perhaps not for your boss.

My Favorite Free Printable Stationery:

1.  Canon
These are designed by real artists and offer a more traditional thank you card look. There are lots of choices.  You're bound to find a style that suits you.  It's best if you have a color printer but some styles would look nice in black and white.

2.  Snapfish.  If you want to get fancy with photos, Snapfish lets you create these gorgeous flat or folded thank you cards and print them for free from home.  You will however need a color printer and preferably printer paper.

3.  Yellow Bliss Road

Crisp, simple designs that work for any occasion.  Just print, add your message, and attach to a cute mug or candy bar.

Free printable stationery

4.  Fisher-Price
These are black-and-white kids' cards that your little ones can color. There is a pre-printed message and room to add your own. 

At first glance, these may not appear as glitzy as some others, but these notes will have something no other ones will have-- personalization from your child.  Try to imagine them all colored in (or scribbled on).  Adorable.

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