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Birthday gift thank you notes

If you are looking for even more birthday gift thank you note inspiration, keep reading! Substitute your gift for the ones below, change up some details, and be sure to add a little personal touch here or there.

Remember, don't stress too much about what to write. Just get that thank you note in the mail one way or another.

birthday gift

Dear Mia,

You are so thoughtful to remember my birthday! The flowers made my day extra special and are still making my kitchen smell wonderful. And how did you know gerbera daisies were my favorite?

Thank you for dropping them by and brightening my day!


Dear Ursula,

Thanks so much for the iphone clutch! I love it! It’s so functional yet chic. I have been using it ever since I opened it. Now I can actually find my phone in my purse, because it is my purse!

Thanks also for the hilarious card. A good laugh is always a great gift!



Thanks for the movie tickets. It’s nice to be taken out once in a while. Usually I’m the one footing the movie bill.

Thanks also for coming to our little celebration. It’s never really a party until The Timster is there! I hope you had enough tequila. I know I did.


Dear Patricia,

In case you haven’t noticed, I wear that bracelet you got me everywhere. It goes with everything and it’s just my style. I don’t know what I did without it! Thank you for the truly excellent present.



I have really been enjoying the music theory book you got me. I have learned a ton already. I am finally understanding diatonic triads, seventh chords, and even circular chord progressions. You were right; that book really does lay it all out so it makes sense.

Thanks for thinking of me. The next time you’re here I look forward to jamming!


Dear Eleanor,

I am taking a quick break from reading the Hunger Games to write you this note. I seriously have not put it down since you gave it to me. You were right, I do love it. I am excited to know I have the whole trilogy! Thank you for the thoughtful birthday gift. It’s hours of entertainment!



You clearly picked the best watch in the store. I didn’t really know I wanted a watch but now that I have one, I haven’t taken it off. It is a seriously awesome addition to my wardrobe. You are a seriously cool chick! Thank you.


Dear Ophelia,

OK you were right, I do look good in red. I will admit I would have never chosen that fire-engine red sweater so I’m glad you did. I am actually surprised how much I like it! Thank you for buying it for me, thank you for being a good sport for my birthday, and thank you for knowing what’s best for me!



I am still full from our lunch. It was delicious and I had a ton of fun. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard! I think we really bothered the table next to us but hey, what can you do.

Thank you for the excellent meal and the even better company! You are a dear friend and I am truly lucky to have you.


Mrs. Phelan,

I so appreciate the gift card. I love Macy’s and can always find something there I love, whether it’s for the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room or my closet. I look forward to my next shopping trip now that I have a gift there waiting for me! Thank you for thinking of me, and thank you for the thoughtful and useful gift.

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