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Just added to Thank You Note Samples
May 26, 2009

Hi there!

I wanted to let you know about something new and exciting at! Hot off the presses, just added today.

It's a way for you to create your own Thank You webpage, right on Just fill out the simple form, click a button, and your thank you note is online for all to see.

You can send it to the person you're thanking and anyone else who should know how awesome the person you're thanking is. It's like saying "Thanks Mom... and hey everyone, look how great my mom is!!"

It's faster than snail-mail, more personal than an e-card, and stays live as long as my website does which is hopefully forever. :)

So go ahead, thank your buddy, your college kid, your banker, or the stranger who let you cut ahead in line at the grocery store. Add a picture if you want!

See what other people have written or get started on your own now.

Have fun. And thanks!


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