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Here are hundreds of custom thank you note samples for you to copy and tailor to your needs.  When you're stuck for words, sometimes all it takes is a few quick suggestions to get you started.  Saying thank you doesn't have to be difficult.  My best advice is to keep it short, sweet, and genuine. 

Check out these thank you notes for business and personal occasions. Find a situation that matches yours and browse the sample notes to get inspired. 

Whether you want to say thank you for being a great teacher, a super friend, a wonderful mom... thank you for dinner, for the baby or wedding shower... thank you for the sales referral, the meeting, or the interview... it's all here. 

What?  You say that's too much work?  You want your custom thank you note written for you?  Try the Thank You Note Wizard below!

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Quick Tips

Looking for a new way to say the same old thing? Here are a few wording ideas that should warm up your letter:

Instead of saying "Thank you for the...", try:

  • I so appreciate...
  • I loved the...
  • How did you know I wanted a...?

Instead of saying "It's great," how about:

  • It's truly excellent
  • It's sensational
  • It's fantastic
  • It's the envy of the neighborhood

Instead of saying "It's pretty," substitute:

  • It's gorgeous or stunning
  • It's charming or delightful
  • It's elegant or exquisite
  • It's perfect or "so me"

Thank You Note DON'Ts

  • Don't include fewer than three sentences.
  • Don't use pre-printed or fill-in-the-blank thank you cards.
  • Don't wait a year to mail thank you notes for wedding gifts.
  • More don'ts...

Top 10 FAQs: Thank You Note Samples

Here are the Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) about thank you notes and thank you note samples. The answers are taken from professional research, etiquette experts, and personal experience.

  1. How long do I have to write a thank you note?

    Obviously send them out as soon as possible, but within 2 weeks is generally acceptable. For wedding gifts, it's 2 weeks for presents received before the wedding and within one month for ones received after. For gifts received while you were sick, write them as soon as you're well enough.
  2. Do I have to write a thank you note for a thank you note?

    No. But if you received a thank you gift and the giver wasn't there to thank in person, then yes, you should write a note. (If the gift is from a close friend or relative, you can email or call.)

Read more Top 10 Thank You Note FAQs...

Why Bother with Thanking?

Whether it's a close friend or a business colleague, saying "thank you" is always important. Why is it necessary to show gratitude? Lots of clinically proven reasons:

  • It makes people happy (both those giving and receiving the note)
  • It improves students' grades
  • It gives people more energy
  • It encourages others to bestow even more gifts upon you and others!

Another reason to thank those around you: It's good manners. Though it's not clinically proven, it is certainly culturally true. And good manners help you more than you realize.

Thank you notes don't have to be long or mushy or complicated. It's really all about letting people know you appreciate their efforts.  The trick is to just start writing. You don't need to come up with the perfect thank you note. Simply let them know you appreciate it.

When have you ever wished someone hadn't thanked you?

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Browse this collection of thank you notes I wrote.  Hopefully you'll find something here that's just right for your situation.  Thank YOU for taking the time to thank someone!

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